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Kathy Williams has been my property and casualty insurance agent for more than four years.  She has insured my home and two automobiles.  She provides phenomenal service at an unbelievable price.   

I have had my insurance with Farmers, State Farm, and American Family.  While they might be fine companies, their agents are limited to only the policies their company offers, at their company’s price.  Agents for those companies are called “captive agents.” 

 Kathy Williams is an independent agent, representing the finest companies.  I have not hesitated to refer her to any of my business clients, my neighbors, or my family members.  In every case, I always get a thank you call from them thanking me for the introduction. 

 I’ve learned my lesson.  I’ll never do business with a captive agent again.  I will only do business with an independent agent, and Kathy Williams is the best independent agent I’ve ever known.  Learn from my experience.  Save yourself some time and money, and make Kathy your agent today. 

Independent Health Insurance Agent